I have some spare stepper motors and CNC parts, so I thought to build an AI powered Painting Machine using the Raspberry Pi.


The machine will work as follows:


  • the output image is sent to a Raspberry Pi controlled CNC painting machine, which will output the image to a piece of paper
    • I thought to try different approaches, to see which works better:
      • color pen based
      • laser engraving
      • 3D printing few layers
      • etc.


The frame I want to build using OpenBuild parts (aluminium profiles, bearings, wheels, belts). It will look something like this:

( )


Bill of Materials
(preliminary list)

  • PiCasso Design Challenge: The Kit
    • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (/starter kit)
    • Raspberry Pi Camera V2
    • PiFace Digital 2
  • 2 x NEMA 17 stepper motors (I have these)
  • 2 x lead screws (I have these)
  • extruded aluminium profiles, bearings, wheels, belts, etc for the free (need to purchase)
  • 2 x stepper driver (DRV8825)
  • 1 x servo motor (I have these)
  • laser module (i have some from DVD drivers)


Of sure, all the hardware and software parts of project will be fully open source.



Today I got the challenge kit. Here it is along with some CNC parts I had:


The next 2 blog post / steps, I think, will be:

  1. CNC Frame - find an open source CNC frame, suitable for the project; order parts
  2. AI Algorithm - find an implementation / try to reproduce the image transformation algorithm from the linked white paper