Here are a few notes on my progress so far.



Software Notes:


- installed raspbian after booting NOOBS

- set up WiFI and keyboard/localization

- updated to latest packages

- ran raspi-config

    - turned on ssh

    - disabled GUI on boot

    - enabled camera

    - changed default pi password

- rebooted

took a picture with command:


# raspistill -o cam.jpg


(the underside of my desk)


Hardware Notes:


I am not an electrical engineer.  I have a basic knowledge but my skills have gone downhill lately and I’m not as sharp as I used to be, and I basically cobble stuff together that I read online.  Please double-check my work and if you have comments, please let me know so I can update and correct it.


I am not going to use the Piface HAT.  In fact, I may need to multiplex some LEDs since I will be short some GPIO pins.  I was thinking MCP23017 I2C I/O extender, but I haven’t done anything with I2C before, much less that chip, and at this point, I need to remind myself to keep it simple, and stop adding features and think about removing some!  There is a time limit.


Driving the LEDs


I’m basing my work off of this:


Important note:  In this example, he is using a separate power supply for his Raspberry Pi.  I will be using one power supply for both LEDs and Raspberry Pi.  Therefore, I will be using a transformer: