After the selection as a sponsored design challenger I started planning about the build and articulating about the tools and software required for the same. In the mean time I received the kit for the same. Below is the brief unboxing and the components involved.


I have discussed about the project in the first blog post and would be using it for future references to confirm the features of the final build.

So for the Musical Pi-Casso I want to have following components:-

  1. LCD screen for the display
  2. Speakers to be used for the musical effects along with the images
  3. Relay control for the LED lights of the room
  4. RGB strip to be used to give a radiant feel for the display back
  5. Raspberry pi to control all the stuff together
  6. Cabinet build to house all the peripherals
  7. Button control for the user interface
  8. Camera to capture the user image which would be morphed on the selected painting



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The kit provided consist of almost all the control boards required. Moreover, the button panel would be designed and the final PCB would be printed and I would cover them in the subsequent blogs. I am still looking for a solution to power the 4/8 ohm speakers with the PI for a good audio experience. The audio amplifier would also demand an extra PCB I guess. Any suggestions are open as to how to use the speakers with 3.5mm Raspi jack.



{gallery} Kit Components & Other Materials

The whole received kit from element14 for the design challenge....A big thanks....

SD card with Noobs preloaded.....a big


A the king himself:- Raspberry Pi 3B +

So I found an old screen lying around, though the final build won't include this screen but I would use it till I get my hands on a new one


I found an old monitor however this would not be the part of the final build since the screen is a bit dull and some issues as well. But I would be using it for the POC till I get my hands on a new one.

The first part is to get the cabinet and housing done. Moreover I would be working parellelly on the software part as well. The tool required to morph the images on the existing paintings is a task in itself. Also the GPIO connections are also to be taken care of.

I have also created a website to showcase the project and add the compiled blogs over there:-


It would be an interesting build and a great chance to learn and explore a lot of areas.


Git repository link:- 


Blog 1: - Musical Pi-casso


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