Hi everyone,


This weeks update is a bit more then I figured. I got quite a bit completed on the building of the globe. As you will see I created the base for the globe, top part to support the north end of the globe and have the LED's attached. I am trying to see if I can make it more 3D by giving it depth with a second row of LED's on the inside of the globe. This way I can produce 2 pictures at 2 different depths at the same time. As always, anyone want any of the .dxf files for this project please ask, I will send them out!!


Below are pictures of the globe so far:


Outside row of LED's

Inside Row of LED's

Support post in the bearings


I had to firgue out how to power the RPi and the LED's. Since the globe is spinning, I can't just run the power cord to the hardware for obvious reasons. I plan on using the bearings as the power connection. One for the positive and one for the negative. I will attach one half of the wire to the outside of the bearing and the other half to the inside. Hope it works!!


Below is a very short video of the globe turning (By hand) no motor is hooked up yet.


This will be my next blog, hooking up the motor.



Thank you for reading,


Dale Winhold