Once I was happy with all necessary the details in my project design, I started 3d-printing all the parts required to begin testing the assembly which overall is looking really good!.

Hologram Pi-ramid - initial assembly


3-D Print settings

Below the settings used:

  • Printer: Creality CR-10S -a big thanks to Element14 for this awesome price!
  • Material: PLA Blue-denim
  • Infill: 15%, triangles
  • Adhesion: Brim
  • Supports: No
  • Layer height: 0.2mm

Hologram Pi-ramid - 3d-printed parts


Assembly and materials required

It didn't make much sense to me to incorporate snap-fit features to the general assembly since the overall structure will have to support the weight of the RPi + Touchscreen mainly. Also I would most likely be assembling/disassembling several times the project while it evolves. With all of the above in mind, it made sense to add holes for screws to the project -which require to be tapped as threads that small are hard to replicate in a 3d printed part. Below the list of screws I will be using to assemble the project:


  • 2 x #2 x 3/8" Slotted Round Head Screws
  • 6 x #5-40 x 3/8" Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 2 x #6-32 x 2" Socket Head Cap Screws


{gallery:width=960,height=768,autoplay=false} Hologram Pi-ramid - Initial assembly

Hologram Pi-ramid - assembly #6-32 x 2" screws

Hologram Pi-ramid hardware: #2 x 3/8" and #6-32 x 2" screws

Hologram Pi-ramid: Hardware (#5-40 x 3/8" screws)

Hologram Pi-ramid hardware: #5-40 x 3/8" screws

Hologram Pi-ramid: Some tools needed

Hologram Pi-ramid: Some tools needed for the 3d printed parts assembly

Hologram Pi-ramid - tapping some holes

Hologram Pi-ramid: Tapping #5-40 holes with a 3d printed tap wrench

Hologram Pi-ramid - threaded holes

Hologram Pi-ramid: Tapped holes #5-40



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