Art is often made to appeal to a specific set of viewers.  This is the 6th blog in a series exploring the idea of using AI to recognize a viewer and adapt art to their age or interest.  The intent is to encourage early art appreciation while being attractive to all household members.


The project was a mess of wires and breadboards so more work was done on enclosures and mounts this week.


The 3D Printer has been Busy


The cutout on the face was a bit ragged so a bezel was made to enclose the monitor opening.

Monitor Bezel

To hold the camera in place a bezel was fabricated for it also.  The camera is mounted with two locating pins and two screws.  The back and front is shown in the following photo.

Front and back views of camera mount / bezel

A Raspberry Pi mounting plate was made that attaches to the back of the monitor.

Camera Mounting Plate

For now, some things are still held in place with mounting putty as I am still thinking about the best placement and aesthetics before gluing and screwing into place.  This shot shows the second Raspberry Pi mounted and the camera in place from the back.

Open enclosure from back with faceplated mounted.


I thought there would be plenty of room but of course now things are getting tight and the ribbon cable for the camera is a bit short.  Little fingers are bound to pry at the wires and things and the back enclosure does not quite cover things up.

Enclosure cover installed

A call needs to be made though for when enough is enough for the first iteration though as the software needs attention as well.  The tradeoff will be between a fully functional prototype and refined physical design.  Since this is an art project, here is the beauty shot.

Front View


Upcoming Work


  • Take the training photos and perform image recognition training
  • Write Python script to drive the monitor and control the art output
  • Develop and obtain additional art.


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