I have been derelict in blogging about this project for a host of reasons, but hopefully I am now squared away enough to focus more on this project. I have been researching and planning and ordering parts and all that boring stuff, so there isn't anything too exciting to blog about just yet, but it is important to let everyone know the project is still alive. This project will use 3 Raspberry Pi 3B+'s and they have arrived so I can show them. As you probably know it takes quite a while to download the operating system and install it on a mSD card, and I have to do 3 of them. That is in progress right now.

In the mean time, here is my first short video for the project, just showing some of the parts I have collected so far:

There are more parts still on order, so the build sequence may be affected by what arrives and when.

After I get Raspbian working on all 3 Pi's I will get the HID module working and then start building the big frame that will hold two Pi's and their cameras.


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