Welcome to my 4th Blog of the POV Globe. The subject of this update isn't what I has planned on, it was to be about hooking up the motor and get the globe turning. Unfortunately the motor I have isn't powerful enough to get up to the speed I require. I will have to source out a stronger and faster motor for my next blog. This is just a very minor setback.


So this blog is about how I am getting the power to the Raspberry Pi and the LED's. Like I said in my last blog, I was wanting to run te power through a bearing. I had been given a great idea to use a slip ring by genebren and e14phil. Philippe mentioned about using an audio jack as a power transfer. I am still stuck on my original idea of using the bearings. I have attached a video below to prove that the bearings work. I ran power to the outer ring of the bearing and continued it from the inner ring to the positive wire of a fan. The negative is not ran through a bearing as I did a small mockup of the bigger picture. It works great and will be incorporated in my project.


Below is a video of the working model:



Hope you enjoyed this update, next week should be the motor working.......


Dale Winhold