Hello again, the blog is in continuation with the existing development of the Musical Pi-Casso project that I have been working on as a sponsored design challenger. To be very honest I have literally enjoyed every minute of working on the project. Though I got limited time to work on it.

This blog is all about the update on the same. Till now I have been able to work around a few software related progress including the GUI and Image processing side. Considering all the things now was the time to make the cabinet and hardware setup of the LCD screen (19 inch) along with the raspberry pi, PiCam and other audio and lighting control boards.

I used MDF board (4mm) to make the casing. To add some strength to the same I coupled two such boards making it 8mm thick.

Disassembling the LCD screen was not difficult though, but it took a bit of brain storming to work out the positions of all the modules that I would be using in this project especially the Camera and IR module for control of the whole thing using a normal TV remote.


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So far the bessel and the remaining cabinet has been made however I still need to figure out a way to mount the LCD screen. There are some connections from the LCD power board to the control board that need to be extended and the HDMI to VGA connector needs to be shortened. Moreover there is a space for the relay board and the audio amplifier.

I am using two 1.5 watt speakers each so in order to drive these I would be using a PAM8403 audio amplifier that can directly hook to the raspberry pi audio out and drive the speakers.

For now there is a lot to do on the assembly and final cabinet side. I am hoping to wind up the cabinet and the connections by the end of this week and soon be posting other updates as well. Once the build is finished it would be a matter of brushing the software and putting everything together.

So fingers crossed, hoping for the best.


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