Last week Rachel and I went to the Leeds Raspberry Jam event.


We went along to the event to meet some local makers to get some guidance on the following topics

  • Image recognition using pi camera
  • Illumination of fibre optic strands (0.7mm and 2mm).
  • Best practices for Python code structures.

It was great to met Claire Garside (she organises the monthly event) and discuss our project. Claire has valuable experience in delivering artistic projects using embedded devices. The project we discussed used the CodeBug device to illuminate large rose flowers that interacted with a historic castle. Check out the link

At the event we tested light transmission between the Pi Sense HAT LEDs and the 2mm fibre optic strand and found the light output was lower than anticipated. I plan to upload a photo soon.
Since then I have:

My next steps are:

  • Meet up with another Raspberry Pi enthusiast to get some ideas on fibre optic illumination.
  • Get the OpenCV working, I got stuck at the compile/make step and it said it couldn’t find the make files. I’m going to look at changing to OpenCV 4.0 to see if I have more success there.


If anyone has any tips or advice on OpenCV that would be much appreciated. Thanks fmilburn for reaching out, I will check out your project for some pointers as well.


As I add more code to the Git repo I imagine I will be putting my hand up for some Python help as well!