In my first blog post, I mentioned that I have some CNC parts at home. When I started searching suitable CNC designs, I realized that building a CNC machine would be a little bit too time consuming.


So, I decided for the first iteration to go with modifying my Tevo Tarantula 3D printer:


On Thingiverse, I found this modular Magnetic X carriage designed by Banholm for the Tevo Tarantula:

Magnetic X carriage by Banholm

Along with some connectors, this will allow easy swapping of printing heads and other tools.


The modular X carriage can be built using 3D printed parts, parts from the original X carriage and some neodymium disc magnets and connectors.


I plan to design and build the following painting heads:



  • a 2D potter head for pen and pencils



The heads will be designed in FreeCAD and they will be made mostly from 3D printed parts.


Right now, I'm waiting for the magnets and the laser module to arrive, so I can start working on the modular X carriage.