SHOAMM consists from the following key components:

IoT device

IoT device is responsible to capture environmental conditions and communicate sensors readings and its state to the controller.


Controller is responsible to orchestrate information flows from IoT Device sensors to Sound Generator.

It includes several sub-components:

State Machine

State Machine (digital tween) converts sensor data into state information and communicates state changes.

Event Bus

Event Bus communicates State Machine events to the Sound generator.


Timer continuously generates events.

Sound Generator

Sound Generator is using Sound Model and input from controller to generate tones and sounds according to CALM principles and related patterns.

Status Tone

Status Tone is a simple indicator generated to notify of change in the state of IoT device.

Status Shout

Status Shout is generated in case of urgent condition detected by IoT device, which requires an immediate attention.

Ambient Sound

Ambient Sound is a background sound, which indicates a normal operation of the IoT device.


In the next blog I'll map components of the reference architecture to target technology components.