So  far I have accumulated about 168.5 hours of 3d printing.  Gone through a few rolls of filament and had multiple failed prints so far just to think there is still more printing to go.

I had forgot to scale a few of my prints correctly.  So I have to reprint a few of the parts some are pretty close to scale so I am not going to worry about them until I reprint them in the future to turn them into working parts.

The gpio is my main concern getting it perfect on the PiMassive.


Below is the USB port being printed as you can see from the reference of the raspberry pi it's Massive I printed the USB port in 3 parts so I can reuse them in the future to get them working.  Printing a Male USB cable connector

should be lots of fun.


Another example of the size of the unit here is a photo of the Micro USB port being printed.


Below the gpio being printed.....too bad that one was the one I had an issue with my scaling on new ones are printing as I write

this post.  It is being printed in 4 parts since I don't have a 3d printer setup to that scale which I could have used my cnc machine

to print it maybe in a future project I will create some massive prints with it.

I have a few idea's for the pins on the unit so hopefully it works haha


I will update with more info soon and stay tuned for the video on the final blog post as well its going to be a run down of everything should be fun.