I decided the PiCassoTizer needs a wand to act like a touch screen paint brush with mouse functionality.

I was going to give it a fancy name, but all the cool names I thought of sounded too pretentious.

The features it needs are:

  • and ergonomic grip
  • a reflective pointer
  • 2 microswitches to emulate mouse buttons
  • a debounce circuit to permit accurate button activity

The following video shows the wand construction, the circuit and its performance:


Here is a picture of the switches wired on a strip board with 2 SPDT microswitches:


This is the debounce circuit implemented on the circuit board:

Here is what the 3D printed wand looks like:

Here is what the circuit board and switches look like when inserted in the wand:

Here is what the cable looks like in its channel:

Here is a picture showing typical switch bounce (in green) and the cleaned up output (in yellow):

This part of the project is relatively simple, but it takes a surprising amount of time to design, build, troubleshoot and blog about something even this simple.


Next I will try to get the DACs working....

Then build frames for the cameras and computers...

Then put it all together and adjust the geometry and the software ...

Then attempt some art...


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