The Final Chapter

This is the end chapter of the PiCasso Design Challenge Art-a-Tronic saga.

Detailed steps of the project development have already been documented in the previous posts I published during the past two months; The video below showcases this art project grown around Seven Of Nine, the Borg star of Art-a-Tronic. A short documentary mostly shot during the last days of the Art-a-Tronic exhibition.




If I should credit all the people that contributed and supported the creation of this project I have to write down another post. There is someone special it is worth not to forget to mention; first of all the other challengers, that suggested, helped and exchanged ideas and suggestions. This is a very good approach to project making. Then I should mention shabaz Workshopshed gecoz beacon_dave and dixonselvan that spent a lot of hours testing the AI bot of Seven of Nine chatting with her on Twitter. I also loved a lot the appreciations of all those community members that liked and bookmarked my posts.

Another great thank to e14phil and tariq.ahmad for hosting the project during the live webinars.

Lorenzo has done a great hidden job (here you see most of his exhibitions around Europe on his YouTube channel) who provided the Gods, his operas part of the Art-a-Tronic project, approving all my decisions by default.

The completion of the project was possible thanks to Element14, the co-sponsor Elegoo, Depot09 for hosting the two-months exhibition and all the friends that supported and contributed sharing, promoting, communicating about the project.


The Art Concept

The Art-a-Tronic project, as most of the art projects developed by me and Lorenzo is intended to express a concept, just another voice supporting the beauty of diversity. In the video below, I tried to explain it.


Seven of Nine Will Be Always Reachable

Seven Of Nine will be offline for a week, restoring in her alcove. Then she will be alive again; you can reach her, chatting via Twitter direct message or by email


Twitter: @WeAreBorg7of9


Soon live events and updates on the site (yes, I own the domain )


Art-a-Tronic is Still Alive

There was a bit of sadness disassembling and packing all the stuff of the Art-a-Tronic exhibition at Depot09. A place where I "lived" and saw the project growing for two months with successes, challenges, problems, and issues. Then the good news is that after a week of Silence, just the time to restart the stuff and do some small repair, next 9th June Art-a-Tronic project will be still alive at the Kolder art space in the center town of Ghent.



Here I will collect during this first after-challenge week the upgrade, small changes, maybe repairs and updates I a doing to the components of the project during the preparation for Saturday, June 8th, the opening of the Art-a-Tronic second edition opening party in Ghent at the Kolder art space (Dammportstraat 28). I will keep you updated as soon as the Borg is again connected to the Collective.


Lazy Susan Bearing Spheres Replacement

Do you remember in Art-a-Tronic Episode 4 I had to use the 3.25 mm diameter spheres from a bicycle freewheel as the last minute alternative to the 3.5 mm ones that were not delivered in time by Amazon? Well, then a thousand of spheres finally arrived. After two months of 8 hours a day torso rotation frankly I was expecting something critical in the 3D printed parts. Instead, I opened the mechanics and all the spheres wen to the floor. The plastic PLA parts were intact.

The new spheres thickness make the difference, as well as filling the entire guide. I also added some few technical vaseline grease in the rail of the spheres. This is the same grease you find to protect the nylon components in the plastic moving parts of many printers and scanners. It is not the first time I use it and I have already experimented that it is perfect for noise attenuation and had no corrosion effect on both the materials (metal and plastic).

Replaced the spheres and reassembled the body. And motion is perfect with 0.5 mm of separation between the two parts, as in the original design. Ready for at least other two months of motion.

On Stage Again

June, 8th at Kolder art space Damportstraat 26 - Gent (BE)

Everything is almost ready for the start of the Art-a-Tronic second edition. Seven Of Nine, after some repairs and some adaptions for the new location, is ready for her duty. Next days the details of all the changes and improvements, as well as a couple of new stuff.

Preview One Hour Before

A short video (for E14 only, not edited at all), of the hour before the opening. Follow the next appointments on Twitter Hope you enjoy.






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