Weighing in at 13.9lbs with 1,041,084mm of filament a grand total of 440hrs of 3d printing and CNC work a massive amount of painting time and cleanup the PiMassive is completed!

As promised here is video of my journey make sure to post any question below as well.  Let me know what you think!



So a few things I didn't show along the journey was the final results with a few decals on it as well as the gpio working and VNC running so here you go some more photos to enjoy.

Once again this was a ton of fun and really taught me a lot thanks for checking it out and hope you enjoyed it!


VNC running on the pi I remoted in from computer changed the background to the glow of it needs a bit of resizing but not a big deal.


Lights off on the PiMassive and a few of our little friends chilling out and checking things out on it.  In the middle we have the size comparison to the product box the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ comes in.


Guess I should actually get the whole Pi in the picture as well.  As you can see on the left along the edge the LED light strip that is sticking out a bit I thought I gave it enough edge but guess not to hide it more.

How you like those decals on there?  Have the others but a bit too big so going to get those re-done to label the board more to make it more pretty.


Yup I like it!   but on to more comparisons scroll down a photo.


PiMassive VS Dad's Root Beer Bottle.


PiMassive VS DVD Case.


PiMassive VS a LaserDisc


And finally the SD Card adapter that came with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+


So as you can see in a few of the photos that there was a display outputting the voltage on the 3.3v GPIO Pin ill post in below here as well so you can have a closer look but its working. My battery for the Pi has been on for a few hours so not sure how much life is left in it so will have to do some other test to see the difference.


So there we go might not have gotten as much done as I wanted or things go right the way I wanted them too but that was a massive amounts of trial and error and fun.

Thanks for checking out my project and following along with me I hope you enjoyed!

Take care and have a good day eh!