As a matter of fact, the Art-a-Tronic exhibition, subject of this long PiCasso challenge has closed its second edition at the Kolder Art Space in Gent. During these last four months – the adventure started on April 5th – I tried to join art and robotics. with the help of the friend and artist Lorenzo Merlo, sending a message of art for freedom together with the inspiring fictionary world of Star Trek. But Art-a-Tronic is an idea that is growing that got the attention of some very interesting realities here in Gent part of the Maker Community. Thanks to the contacts network started just in the Kolder Art Space during the exhibition and the support of Cristina Ciocci founder of the Ingegno Maker Space


as well as the MSAP focused on the activity of the artist I love for his fictionary and ironic vision of robotics. Nowadays some or the Art-a-Tronic cages are part of the event Robots Got Talent in the Malen neighbor in Gent.


I am happy to spread this invitation to all the members to visit, at least virtually following the links of this page, this incredible event where the entire neighborhood is actively participating.



All the web Tv videos of the three-months event are available on the web TV TV Ekkergem - De zender van en voor de kleine man