Since I am in the business trip (academic) until around three days ago so that in this post I will show you the unpacking of received the package and the initial database (DB) development for my server machine.


Unpacking received Package

Yesterday I received my package and today I have unpackaged it in my laboratory. The image of unpacking process is shown figure below,


UFigure 1. Unpacking the received package


As the proposed design, I will use all of the components except NXP Explore NFC Expansion Board and Sense Hat.However, in the future, I will consider to explore it further. Besides, I will use my own components such as Raspberry Pi 3 B for slave machine and webcam camera.


DB development

In this proposed system, we use a server machine for centralizing the data and communication among all component including the out part of systems. For simplicity, we use MySQL as the basis of development which will be installed in the Raspi server. Figure 2 shows you the part of the design I develop. This figure reveals that this DB system takes an important role in this proposed system work.

Figure 2. Develop DB in general system overview


The relational database system I develop is shown by Fig.3 below,


Figure 3. Design of RDBMS


The name of database is picadb as this project title

  • Table receipt_tb will save the receipt saved by user
  • Table ingredient_tb will save the material/ingredient of receipt recorded in receipt_tb
  • Table supplier_tb will save the supplier of each ingredient
  • Table existing_tb will save the ingredient existing in the fridge
  • Table request_tb and received_tb will save the sent and received correspondence between system and supplier.

The design of database above is in the initial phase. We will consider to change it depend on the change of system development process.


Closing Remarks    

We have described our progress in this project including unpacking process and DB development for server part. The next stage after this is the integration of raspberry pi - camera and then installation before computer vision development and evaluation step. Hopefully, our project can run well.