Now, in this post, I will show you the building process of a block set. This block set will be used for put the raspberry pi installed OpenCV and USB camera. Since my plan is to build, develop and install each component individually first before integration into the full system, this step is important relating to the installation in the fridge. Below is the step of my activities,


1. First, I preparing the styrofoam block. The size of styrofoam as big as a common building brick.

2. Then, I form the styrofoam as my predefined design as figure below,

Figure 1. Forming the block


3. After forming the styrofoam, I paint the block with matte black color.

Figure 2. Painting the block


4. Finally, I install the raspberry and camera and test it.

Figure 3. Block set for raspberry and camera


Closing Remarks

We have described our progress in this project. We have built the block set for  USB camera and Pi Camera. The next step in our project plan is installing the Whatsapp messenger to raspberry for communication base. After that our plan is developing the blobing algorithm followed by recognition technique. Then, the integration all of built and developed components under python programming will be conducted as the final step of this project. Hope that our project runs well.