Raise your hand if you have ever left the stove and/or oven on after rushing out of the house, or you were just too excited eat the masterpiece you just created... This happens to the best of us, and it could potentially be very dangerous. To make matters worse, the realization that you may have left the stove on generally does not hit you until you are out of the house and beyond the point where it is convenient to turn the car around.


How about another scenario - You have elderly relatives and you know that they often forget to turn the stove off - What if you had a tool where you could check exactly that without having to be at their house, or have to continually call them around dinner time? Boom!


These are the problems I am trying to solve with a nio-powered heat sensor above my stove and a that UI displays the current temperature of my stove, as well as if the temperature is cooling, heating up, and if the stove is off. With a little help from niolabs engineer Aaron Ranard, we will be hooking up a stove and testing out this concept.


In order to make this happen, here are some heat sensors that would potentially work:



Additionally, other needs include: