Today I will explain my current progress in this project. There are some milestones I achieved such as initialization of database data, planing the software flowchart before coding, coding the code for checking and ordering. This week will be very hard but still, I will try to finish this project as my plan.


Initialization database data

For developing the PiCA, we need to initialize some data such as initial food recipes including the ingredients needed, the contact number of sales, and initial remaining stock.


Planning the software flowchart (Program2)

After initialization, before coding all of the programs, I make the flowchart of the organization of the code (I always do it). As mentioned in my previous blog post, there is two program. However, I forget to add the client program for planning the next menu, so that I add the program in our plan and make the flowchart. Below is the flowchart of those 2nd programs since its little complex comparing other 2 programs,

Fig.1 Flowchart for checking the storage and order (Program 2)


Progress on coding for Program-2/3

I finished the program 2 and 3 and below is the screenshot of the display (console) and code,

Fig.2 Development process of PiCA User program for planning the next menu


This program is developed using C# .NET. For this stage, I will consider the desktop application only. I will try make the mobile application version if possible. Then for this user program, I make the dummy menu and material for simplicity. Of course, it is absolutely able to be expanded in a real case. I add four menus and four materials. The menu is a combined of four materials with different sizing. This composition has been added to the database initialization.


Fig.3 Finishing the Program 2 for checking stock and order to the seller by WA messenger


This program is developed using Python, MySQL, and Yowsupp platform. This software run in every hour to check the planned menu and works in console mode.


Closing Remarks

We have described the recent progress of this project. The next step is the finishing and testing the program 2, development of the algorithm for computing the stock including the blobing technique and blob area-weight correlation. Hope that our project can finished and run well before the deadline.