I have used pygame for development of Karaoke Player. This player uses 4 types of file per song to setup:

  1. Mp3
  2. Lyrics file
  3. Timings file
  4. Album art picture for song


Karaoke_player.py is the main file in project. You will need to execute it in using command line or IDLE.



Steps for setup:

  1. Install wheezy
  2. Use the kernel modules,Scripts given by ragnar.jensen at Re: Re: Wolfson modified Noobs raspbian zipped img  Cannot unzip new download
  3. You will just need to extact those files in root folder and restart the raspberry pi.
  4. You will need to make connections as per following  image:
  5. raspberry pi connections.jpg
  6. Download the Karaoke Player from following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TjchJFpKR1cUlRWHpkYUE4ZkE/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Extract the files in home directory
  8. You will need to execute use_case_files from your home directory
  9. I have executed Record_from_all.sh and Playback_from_All (Worked for me)
  10. Now run the Karaoke_player.py file from play music directory
  11. you will need to execute 'arecord | aplay ' in other terminal
  12. Enjoy !!




Here is the demo of the Karaoke Player:





If you have any suggestions then please comment below,I am thinking to continue this project development.

I would like to thank Element14 for giving this wonderful  opportunity !