I received my kit sometime in the afternoon yesterday. The box came with a printout of the inventory that was to be

found in the box. This totaled 12 items but my box only contained 11. It seems I am missing the Microstack GPS

module. I've sent a few emails so hopefully that will get sorted out.


There are four other pieces from the kit listed online and I'm not sure if those parts will be arriving or not. I know a lot

of people planned to include the audio card and that was not included in the box that was sent to any of us (as far as I

can tell). Also, the baseboard for the Microstack modules was not included and it seems like the GPS and accelerometer

modules are supposed to run off the baseboard. The other missing two pieces are the RPi A+ and Shim RTC.


As promised, this post highlights the technology that I proposed to use to make PizzaPi possible and the following

is taken from my original design proposal.


PizzaPi will include the following from the design kit:

  • Raspberry Pi Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi Model B+
  • PiFace Control & Display 2
  • Shim RTC
  • Microstack Baseboard
  • Microstack GPS
  • Microstack Accelerometer


  • PizzaPi will also use a temperature sensor that is not included in the kit.
  • It will use WiFi dongles to tether to the smart phone's Internet connection.
  • The two Pis will share information with each other and the smart phone via WiFi.
  • The box will incorporate a battery pack to power the devices.
  • The box will be custom designed and 3D printed to hold the cardboard box, the two Pis and accessories in place.



Clearly, some things are changing based on what is physically in my possession. The Microstack set is incomplete, so

I am replacing it (for now) with the Xtrinsic MEMS board. It has everything I need, minus GPS. The other thing I am

replacing is the RPi A+ with the B+. Nothing major, but I have to figure out what to do about getting GPS into the mix.

The next post will discuss my first attempts at getting the Xtrinsic MEMS board working with the RPi B+. Thanks for

following! This is a lot of fun!