Thank you element14, judges, and all the contestants and members that have made the past 4 months exciting for me and others. Building the Picorder has been very enlightening, a wonderful project and endeavor. So many skills are needed to produce projects of the kind that I've seen here in the community. Many of them learned and some that seem to come naturally to others.

Awesome is the single word I can use to describe it! I'm uploading the final documents now and video of the Picorder in action. There are a few attachments so I apologize. As indicated in my video, last minute tests caused some undesirable results. My display whited out and I had to reformat and load the operating system and scripts and files onto the new card. Still not sure what happened. I felt like I was cramming for finals! In a way, I guess I was!

As contest time comes to an end; it's been great. I hope to continue and do more in the coming months.