During these weeks I experienced lot of problems with the Emlid board and the servo controls

The servos that move control surfaces were moving not so smoothly and they made a lot of noise and vibrations. I Initially thought that the problem was in the mechanic (leverages not moving smoothly or getting stuck during the movement)

After one of the servo started emitting some magic smoke, I started thinking the problem was actually on the PWM signal...

So I connected the Bitscope to the PWM output as I saw something really strange...


PWM output.png


The frequency of the PWM signal was incredibly high: 250 Hz, whereas it was assumed to be 50 Hz

It took me a lot of time to find out that there was one parameter (MOT_SV_SPEED) that was set by default to the wrong value!


PWM parameter.png


After I changed the value from 250 to 50, the PWM output was perfect


PWM output 2.png


Now the servos (I mean, the survived one) run smoothly and without vibrations