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Sci Fi Your Pi

2 Posts authored by: jlcarender
I received my kit yesterday everything was there except for the 4 items missing from everyone's kits   Raspberry Pi Model A+ Cirrus Logic Audio Card MicroStack Base Board Shim RTC Now to get back to the design process. I will be using the Raspberry 2 as the main unit for the body armor sensors temp sensors both ambient temp and body temp and the heads up display. and the GPS and accelerometer will be controlled by the Raspberry Pi B+ .  The weapons mounted camera will be controlle ...

Intelligent Body Armor

Posted by jlcarender Apr 21, 2015
Intelligent body Armor with sensors for body temp, heart rate, hit sensors and wireless helmet mounted display that has readout for GPS location, body temperature, heart rate, humidity, wind speed and direction and Armor damage percentage and wireless weapon mounted camera and tracking system using voice commands with wireless wrist mounted keyboard control  and all components would be networked together. for use in airsoft war games and maybe for real life combat implementation. like the a ...