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Sci Fi Your Pi

5 Posts authored by: trenchleton
Hello all! Been busy getting everything connected and initialized for the build. Successfully connected Gertbot, MEMS board, and Pi Camera. I've got them successfully communicating through a Pi Rack onto the B+ (as the MEMS refuses to work with the Pi 2). I have noticed that whenever the Gertbot is driving my test motor that the MEMS readings really wig out. Ultimately I think I will have both Pis running in the project - a navigator and a driver. I'll have the B+ connected to the MEMS board, Pi ...

Kit Content

Posted by trenchleton May 7, 2015
Just wondering - is anyone else still waiting on part of the kit? I haven't received the RPi A+, audio card, Microstack GPS, or Microstack baseboard. Did the kit get changed, does anyone know? Beggars can't be choosers - I was just hoping to utilize a couple of those other parts. ...
Hello all! I am behind everyone else I realize - I will do my best to make up for this in the coming weeks! I'm a full-time student going into finals, so I've been quite busy!   I also thought I'd share another side project which has robbed me of my pi time. I'm involved in the Science Outreach Club at my college. We do hands on activities for students in our (quite rural) area. It gives them the opportunity to experience STEM in a way they might otherwise not have been able. I spearheaded ...

Kit Question

Posted by trenchleton Apr 22, 2015
Just wondering: I've not recieved any information regarding recieving my kit? Was there an email I should have received or was everything taken care of from the info on my application? Just curious. ...

Project RAED - Week 0

Posted by trenchleton Apr 22, 2015
Hello all! Here's a description of my project, copied and pasted from my application for my convenience! Eagerly awaiting my kit. I intend to pack as much of it as possible into this little fellow. RAED – Robotic Assistant for Everyday Delegations: There is a stereotypical piece of sci-fi technology that always seems to be present – the personal robot. The steward bot. The robotic assistant, or maid, or butler. It’s not the only common piece of fantastic tech. There seem ...