Here is the venue of my weeding machine

cheah wei playground

it is a bit undulating, with different types of weeds and other stuff i don't want to cut (carpet grass, flower, other edible plant). Hence the idea is to 'sixth sense' those objects

Here let's take a look at all the objects

flower and guinea pig pumpkin

i obviously cannot cut my children pet guinea pig, and the flowering plants that it like to devour.                     pumpkin and other flowering edible vegetation are not the target


and these are the target to cut

weed tall weed red

a typical weed that i currently laboriously remove by hand                                                                                another variant of weed

weed at the edge

these weed at the edge are a challenge, partly because they are taller, in addition there is a cement step border that might cause problem for my robot



to build a robot that can traverse the garden with sixth sense (aka automated)


I am delighted that i am selected to be a contestant. The first thing is to find out all my existing rovers and see whether they can fit the bill. The first to try is whether they can move in the garden at all (i do know most of them should fail - )

Here are them

rover with encodertwins without encoder

these are 4WD but the platform is too low and i guess they will easily get stuck



the MiniQ can run the entire field but it is somewhat too fast and hard to maneuver as well                            Lego looks to be a possible candidate as the build can be customized, just that i need to interface with it special connector