Hello everyone! Without wasting much time for the kit to arrive. Let me first give an introduction to what I do. I am member of Vjti Racing Team, Mumbai which is consist of 32 engineering enthusiast. My task is handling the entire electronic aspect of the car. Here is a photo of our car manufactured previous year -

Vjti racing car

So the stuffs which I decided to incorporate in this vehicle are:

  1. Speedometer: It will work on the basis of hall effect. Hall effect sensor detects the magnet attached to the flywheel of the shaft. So we would check how time it would take to complete one rotation. Accordingly we would compute the velocity.
  2. Measurement of temperature of the fluid present inside gear box: We would be using waterproof temperature probe DS18B20 (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11050).
  3. Temperature of CTV belt (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuously_variable_transmission) would help us to cool the engine by switching on the fan when required. PTF Series RTD Sensor would be a good choice for this task.
  4. Display board: A display board would be mounter on the dashboard to give meaningful indication to the driver.
  5. GPS module: A GSM + GPS + GPRS module would be used the task of detecting the vehicle in the long stretch. Here is one of the example (http://gpsrf.ru/download/UserManual_TK102B_eng.pdf)of gps module. We are yet to research on it.
  6. Fuel tank measurement: This would be done with the help of capacitance sensor FDC1004 (FDC1004) which would measure the capacitance between petrol. The difference in dielectric of fuel and air would be measured & accordingly fuel amount would be measured.


There are many more things which we would like to incorporate in our vehicle. All these things would be controlled by STM32 development board. Lets see how the things work in coming days.

Thank You.