The past week has been about doing enough detailed design to get long lead time components on order.

The parts kit from STMicroelectronics and TE Connectivity came in and I have been looking through the datasheets.

Some parts I ordered have also come in and I've been designing a 3D printed nozzle to test the feasibility of the printing concept, so I can blog about the tangible parts.

Here is a video which explains what arrived plus some initial thoughts on the project:


Here is the pinout of the TE Connectivity load cell - you can see what I mean about the silk screen being partly obscured by the gasket:

V- and V+ are excitation supply pads. O- and O+ are output signal pads.

The pin pads in the image look black although the actual pads look solderable in person.


Now that we have the sizes of all the sensors, the next order of business is to get the custom PCBs designed so they can be ordered.


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