I use a tracked chassis platform, which i ordered from Shenzen and it has arrived yesterday. Getting this shipped has gone through some drama. At first, the shipment is rejected by by forwarder, as it contains LiPo battery. I got to cancel the shipment, communicate with the seller to buy another set without the battery. In total, it take less than 2 weeks to ship, which is a very decent speed. As the chassis is not the main "sixth sense" design in this work, i have decided to use an off the shelf one and concentrate on the sixth sense components.

The build instruction DVD is faulty i did try to assemble it without instruction last night and is about 30% complete.

but i contacted the seller and the tech support is very helpful, and uploaded 5GB worth of instructional video for me. It is also the first time i use QQ, a messenger by Tencent.

i will continue to build the chasis and test it on my field tomorrow.


These are the components that i have assembled without the instruction. There are really lots of screws and nuts and various holes on the chassis plate. It is first time i use a relatively high quality aluminium platform. All my previous platforms are plastic based.  It is also the first time i use a tracked platform. Without the build instruction i actually have to disassemble the plate again midway of my assembly after realizing the motor has to be fitted on first. The 12V gear motor does looks decent and should be able to leave a trail on my garden (now laden with weed as i 'prepare' it further for the action)


The QQ pc interface and the seller tech support.