I need to get the detailed mechanical design properly underway to ensure I haven't forgotten to order some critical parts.

This blog covers design of the wheels and motor mounts.

This video animates some of the CAD models to show their detail:

The steering and drive mechanism is pretty complex as the steering wheel is also the drive wheel.

The drive motor mount has a steering post on it to allow the steering motor to control direction of the drive motor. This motor housing has a very complex interior to fit the drive motor precisely. This type of shape would be very difficult to machine or make by hand, so it is very lucky I have access to a 3D printer.

Here is a video showing 3D printed parts of the drive mechanism and how they work:

Next I can get started on the main mechanical chassis. This is a little tricky since I don't have all the parts that will attach to it yet.

At this stage everything seems to be going smoothly but it is only when you try to connect everything you discover why it won't work...


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