Hi Everyone this is udhay ,I am in my B.Tech Final Semester.I am sorry that i started late , but hope that i would be finishing my Task on time .

I am very Happy to see my peers already Started working to great extent and their blogs are kind of guidance or templates about how i post my work .

So What my Project is all About:

It all Started with Problem:

In our area i have seen empty fields turning into dump yards filled predominantly with plastic wastes and is getting difficult for the municipality workers to separate them out , and they started to burn them simply resulting in harmful gases coming due to burning of plastic.

I always felt concerned for the exposure to that Plastic Smoke and that gave me the motivation to Build a Smart Bot which could collect all the Plastic waste on its Own.


Understanding to Solve the Problem :

In order to solve this Problem we first need to understand the components by breaking the Problem into small functional units and achieve them and get to the Big Picture ultimately (a kind of Bottom Up approach with Insights from Top down view of the Solution ).

So this Project Needs to Implement these Functionalities :

1.)A Smart Bot which sense the Environment Around it

2.)It should move around to reach the Target location with help of Senses

3.)It should recognize the Plastic waste with Senses

4.)It should Catch and filter out the Plastic waste

5.)It should keep track of these processes , reiterate  and then talk to the External World (not just Hello World ! )


Design Plan :


Here we translate the above Functional Specifications to Design for their implementation:


1.) We use Motor Driver to drive and Steer the Bot using Control inputs from STM32 ARM cortex based Nucleo Board , It senses the Environment i.e..,Temperature , Humidity Outside using Sensortile Cradle Expansion Board.

2.)The Constrains of Area,Perimeter of the Field ,it's length and width are also given to the Bot as Inputs through an Array Keypad to help the bot work in that area.

3.)We use a 3D Accelerometer to trace the movement of Bot in the X-Y plane (the Plain Field) and Z plane as there are uneven sufaces(we can neglect it) using the SensorTile, the algorithm on Nucleo Board creates a tracking map to separate the processed area to unprocessed area.

4.)A Variable Air Suction Block (Called as Sniffer) is used to catch the plastic waste

5.)The Sniffer pressure is monitored by Nucleo board by means of Pressure sensor to adjust its Operating Level

6.)The Gyroscope in the sesorTile helps in correctly maintaining the tilt angle of the Sniffer to aim at the Target which is precisely obtained by reading the capacitance at the mouth of Sniffer(as the presence of different material varies the Capacitance appropriately) by means of a signal conditioner , all these are monitored by Nucleo Board

7.)The Waste got from sniffer is landed into a Storage  drum in which with the help of load cell,the Nucleo Board calculates the Weight and Using the magnetometer we find if any metal particles (even Soil particles)are present along, by creating small Magnetic filed (using Selonoid around the drum) as the presence/addition of Metal Particles changes  Magnetic field strength proportionally.

8.)When Drum is full ,it is obtained by reading the occupancy by means of an echo sound signal at mic, the Bot then signals the Operator by means of bluetooth connectivity.

9.)After traversing throughout the Constrained Area the bot  Stops and Sends the Signal to the operator through Bluetooth Connectivity


Note:If I found better alternatives in the design i would implement that Optimal Technique and will Explain about it when i used it.


The Block Diagram of the design is as follows:

block diagram of Design


I named it "Smart Garbage Sniffer Bot"

So I would be building Each Functional Unit as Stated and checking their metrics and altering them to suit the requirements then I aggregate all the Components as the Final Product.



I think this Post has given nice understanding of my project Building Methodology,In the following posts we will dive right into Building things