Two of the PCBs I designed for the GraffitiBot came in but I won't have enough components to assemble them until at least next week. Here is what they look like:

One interfaces to the load cell and one interfaces to the magnetic angle sensor.


While waiting for parts I have started looking at the software. ST Microelectronics has written a lot of software for this sensor tile and I am including some of the links in this blog. There are multiple links on each of the pages I have linked. This of course means there is more to learn, but it should also provide helpful examples. There is a mode to stream data to a PC via a USB SPP but I didn't see any documentation on the data format - I will need to dig through the code to figure out the format and change the output to a normal UART for the main MCU.

The Tile comes loaded with a demo program and there are apps available in the Google Play Store and Apple equivalent to allow the Tile to communicate with a BLE phone.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to get it working on an android tablet:

The smaller tile cradle can also be used for this demo. It adds a couple of sensors and a mSD card slot.

I used the bigger shield because that is what I need for the GraffitiBot.

The demo works without the main MCU module, because there is also an MCU right on the Sensor Tile.


Update Note

It looks like ST is holding a webinar on their sensors - might be worth checking out:…


I am also plugging away at designing the robot chassis, but it isn't ready for blogging yet.


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