wow, time flies, i realize i haven't posted anything for 1 months plus. This post is a relatively short post


i was out for oversea trip for 2 weeks, also another 1 week for Chinese New Year holidays, nonetheless over the last one month, i have look at trying to build my motor driver circuit with MOSFET

i got some IPT60R028G7 infineon COOLMOS high current MOSFET, which is capable of 75A continuous drain current and an optocoupler TLP521-4


i then research on some home DIY PCB making methods that i haven't tried - using Vinegear and hydrogen peroxide like in

seriously it seems i haven't design a proper PCB for quite some time, but is hesistant to use ferric chloride


However, later on i discover a 13A capable driver board so i eventually just got myself 2 driver boards (since i have 2 motors)

It has grove compatible control interface hence i am adding a grove shield to my setup. Now, i haven't crosschecked if the STM32F411RET6 will be

compatible with a grove shield. If it is not, i can always do a dumb action, let the MCU talk to an arduino uno with grove shield

So i have decided to still do without PCB first


here are the motor drive test line up

nucleo-64 with grove


Next step

-test the 13A module today and write an update post tomorrow



Next next step

- come out with system model with Altair Embeb that can be simulated