Following from yesterday post, today i try to connect my bench top power supply to the 13A motor driver to test it


i first tested with a single motor, then i realize that i can just chain two motor together. The objective is just to test these


1) test setup: 1 motor, 12V

i am astonished to find though my motor is rated 12V, the original chasis only use 7.2V to drive it. i don't see that there is a DC-DC converter is used to boost the voltage up to 12V either

this is a simple no load current test


test result: the motor roars


2) test setup: 2 motor, 12V


the motor still roars


3) test setup: 2 motor, 7.2V


the motor runs, but with significant lesser vigor. But from my bare eyes observation (probably in the future can do a project on image processing/autio processing motor torque predictive measurement system)

in the video, you can see that as i hold the motor to simulate full load stall current, the current can surge to 3.4A. This confirm the real reason the original driver that comes with the chasis with 2A limit is not a design that provide full capability to the motor


today lack of time to test with battery (7.2V) mainly due to as i connect my battery pack, it won't run. I have realized that my battery pack has drained to 5.8V, indicating i need to charge it. I will need to charge it for few hours before i can continue the real experiment in the playground