time flies, and soon it is deadline for contest.

today i am assembling the 'weapon' of the robot, the motorized scissor. First, i want to choose a suitable motor to drive the scissor

i dig from my collection and found this Tamiya motor set, and assemble it with 4:1 ratio

tamiya planetary gearbox set

Then we do a simple test with power supply, driving both motor at 3V (low enough so that i can directly drive it from the Nucleo 64 later

tamiya planetary gearbox set testing video

http://vt.tiktok.com/JF5WPP/  << the link of the motor testing



i find that the Tamiya motor draw 1A, and runs much faster than the motor i salvage from a 4WD chasis.

I decide to use the smaller motor, that only draws 0.1A and runs much smaller but suitable for scissor speed.