Due to really lack of time, rush out this simple motorized scissor

first, i cut out a L shaped holder from old table calendar cardboard. it is hard enough and easier to work with

cutting out

After that, i glue the scissor to the L-shape holder. well i could have attached it with screw, but...to save time, glue is useful

motorized scissor top view

And this is the video that it is in operation. i do find that it needs at least 5V to operate properly. At 3V, it cannot move

From the power supply, we can also see that it needs 0.3A with load (compared to 0.1A during my testing load free)


was originally thinking to put the magnetic sensor to detect the position of the scissor (either open or close) but let me do that last minute now it is to do system integration

putting everything together.


decided to use load sensor to sense grass