I was contacted by Daniel Zima to tell be that I was also due a mystery finisher prize for my Sixth Sense Design Challenge entry of my R2B4 robot. He didn't say what it was but did hint that there was a multiple unit and he thought I would enjoy it. I redirected my UPS delivery to a local pickup as I was not home today and managed to get it before they shut, and then drove home still wondering what it was. And here is what it turned out to be:

{gallery} Finisher Prize

It is a small quadcopter that appears to be driven from Arduino...how cool is that !!! Guess what I am now doing this evening? I'll post an update when I figure out what goes where and of the maiden flight. I also see that dougw has his quadcopter blogged today, well done Douglas for assembling it so quickly. It will be interesting to see how all the finishers decide to use theirs.


There have been a lot of firsts for me recently with Element14 and the whole community spirit with competitions and challenges helping push me further - for instance I'd never made a robot vehicle, animatronic servo eyes, ran a stepper motor or used/owned a 3D printer until I did so for E14 blogs....and also, I have never flown or owned a quadcopter until today


Thank you again danzima and Element14 team, it is an awesome gift.