The Sixth Sense Design Challenge had a mystery finisher prize which just arrived.

It turned out to actually be 3 prizes, all very cool.

  • There was an arduino MKR Zero which is a small but powerful MKR arduino with an ARM Cortex M0 and an SD card slot. This is a very useful form factor and will be the basis for a great project, as yet undecided.
  • There was an arduino MKR 1000 which also has an ARM Cortex M0 but it also includes Wi-Fi. Another great project waiting to be launched.
  • The third prize in the package was a MicroDuino Quadcopter Kit. This is an open source DIY kit that looks like a lot of fun.

Here is a picture of the finisher prizes:

The GraffitiBot also won a major prize - A Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D printer - this is an awesome big solid workhorse printer.

Here is a picture - out of the box, but not assembled yet:

It didn't come with the cat - she is just interested in the big box the printer came in.

Thank you element14, ST Micro and TE Connectivity for all the great prizes and thank you element14 for hosting another great design challenge.

The forum and the membership are a huge source of enjoyment, interaction, inspiration, fun and even loot.


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