It is with great pleasure that I announce our 15 finalists for the Smarter Life Competition.  Cypress and element14 apologise for the delay, however there were so many great entries, it was difficult to choose.  Indeed, we expanded our list of finalists from 10 to 15.  Furthermore, many of those who are not on this list can expect to receive kit from Cypress for their projects (though not the budget); this will be announced in a further posting.
Without further ado, here are the finalists -
  • Alex Behnaz
  • Abhijit Bose
  • Monte Chan
  • Javier Hernandez
  • Cosmin Iorga
  • Anthony Kahl
  • Linas Karpavicius
  • Jianyi Liu
  • Jim Lynch
  • Dr. Mala Mitra
  • Peter Shabino
  • Paul Sisneros
  • Mani Thundiyil
  • Yuri Tikhonov
  • Steve Turner
We encourage those who were not selected to participate: you can still do so, provided that you use the Cypress PSoC 4 as the basis of your project, that it is keeping within the theme of the competition, and that you blog about your project at - please contact me via private message should you require further details.
Once again, congratulations to our finalists!