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Every single year Christmas displays become more elaborate.  What started out a set of fancy incandescent light bulbs on a tree and a string of coloured incandescent lights on a house in the 1960s has now become a full light stage show with animatronics puppets. With such grandness comes a whole raft of issues. The ones that stand out to me are – the setup, the lack of synchronisation between lights, the pack up and stowing of all of the equipment when the festive season is over.


This year I plan to use some RGB LEDs and maybe a Laser display to overcome the stowage issue and to add some additional pizzazz to the display. I’d like some of the LEDS to be in contiguous strings for chasing lights and others as arrays to display animated coloured icons. If time permits I could also create some icicle strings to emulate falling snow.

The biggest hurdle for this is the interconnection of the RGB LEDS to make them all individually addressable. I think I have solved this problem by using a PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit, EAGLE CAD plus some additional parts.

Technology makes a quantum leap now and then. The PSoC 4 and some of the components I plan to use for this project will show the remarkable advancements towards greater functionality with greater ease and simplicity.

With Christmas being so close I need to pull the proverbial finger out to commence the design, construction and procurement of parts.


The technology used for my Christmas lights can be carried over into other realms such as the Automotive lighting and Pinball worlds making them far simpler and cheaper to manufacture.


I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions which may improve the design.





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