Hello Everyone,


This is my first blog post. The focus of my project will be using the PSoC 4's analog integration and low power modes to create a sleep sensor. The sleep sensor will use the observed tendency of humans peripheral body temperature drop (http://www.stanford.edu/~dement/temp.html) during sleep.


For this project, it is going to be critical to get very low power so that I can have a small battery to reduce the annoyance of having the solution attached to me. In a commercial solution, any sense of annoyance would spell the death of the product. This means that I will be experimenting with the sleep modes, FRAM storage, and potentially Bluetooth Low Energy.

PSoC Init Thoughts.png

The screenshot above should give you an idea of where I am at right now. My plan is to go as follows:


1) Get the analog front end and temperature measurement circuit working properly. I am aiming for 0.01 degrees C resolution. I am considering a 2 Hz (or potentially 1 Hz) sampling rate.

2) Embed a low power FRAM module to datalog

3) Take data on sleep patterns, and see what we get!

4) Start to expand the project and build it into a full solution.


If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to share!