Hi all, below is a description of my entry in the challenge.


A set and forget bicycle safety light that would require no input from the user other than maintenance (namely battery charging). The light would automatically manage active/inactive state, a number of active states (moving, stationary et al), low battery alerting, and could also be manually controlled.


Production hardware might include:


- PSoC4

- Analog light sensor

- 2 or 3 axis accelerometer

- PWM'd multiple LED light source (possibly red/orange + white)

- User touch and/or proximity input

- Single point hall effect sensor

- Audible alert

- Internal re-chargeable battery (possibly via USB, wireless, possibly user replaceable)


End functionality might include:


- Auto on/off (via light, accelerometer, hall effect sensor inputs) with manual override

- Brake light, accelerating/deccelerating, SOS flash modes

- Auto detection of mounting orientation (a single product with both white and red leds could function as a front or rear facing light)

- Auto detection of mounted state (via magnet/hall effect sensor) to prevent auto on function when not mounted on the bike

- Audible low battery alert (only when presence/movement detected)

- Manual touch control?

- Mechanically: similar size to typical lights on the market, option to be easily removeable or tool fixed to bike


A key focus of this project is to design a light that can be truly forgotten, to that end my design will be less about cool peripherals and more about the user experience, minimising power consumption and hardware footprint/cost.


Being a psoc virgin initially I'll spend some time poking around the toolchain(s) and looking at how I can make best use of the on-chip peripherals. Looking forward to following everyone's progress.