Hello to you all!

bulb.jpgI would like to give you an overview of my project idea I am planning to execute for this challenge. I have called this project Smigth as a shortened version of smart light system. Probably all of us have seen some movies on youtube showing automation systems for homes. I don't know about you, but I would like to have one of these at my place. There is one tiny problem which prevents me from getting it. These systems are pretty expensive. That is why I want to realize an affordable automation system. At the moment the lightning system is the one I would like to automate and make it smart. Since I do not carry smartphone on me at all times at home and I do not feel like clapping every time I want to turn on or off the lights, I thought that it would be really cool if I could control the lightning system through voice commands, real life phrases. And not only 'switch on/off', but also 'dim the kitchen light', 'create romantic mood' and stuff like that. Wouldn't that be great?

We all have different bulbs at home – energy friendly, LED, normal ones, halogen, etc. – so I will try to cover most of them. Since PSoC4 chips are based on Cortex-M0 (energy friendly, but not so powerful computation units), I will use them for driving the bulbs, running lightning scenarios and communicating with a more powerful unit for voice recognition and Internet connectivity. I am thinking about Raspberry Pi for this. I will report about technical stuff every time I make some progress or I have some interesting (in my opinion) thoughts.

I told you what I want to do and how. Now, I would like to tell you why I have decided to do this. There are multiple reasons. Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to have voice controlled home automation system and now the technology is ready for this. Hopefully, some of you will benefit from my project and my posts. Plus, I believe that this system can help me and you save some money on electricity bills. Also this might be the first step to some affordable automation smart system for the whole house. And the last reason for me is to avoid the situations when I am reading a book in my bed, suddenly I get sleepy and I have to turn off the lights. I don't know about you but when I am in my warm bed I don't feel like walking just to switch off the lights

So, that's it. That's my idea and my reasons. Hope you enjoyed this post and you will follow my updates. If you have some ideas that could help me to improve this project, do not hesitate to post a comment below.