I have some updates on what was achieved in this week. Some risks loom large. However its Deepawali folks so Enjoy!


Here is the progress so far on the first stage of the project:


Stage 1: Preparation

  • Download necessary software + Datasheets - Complete
    • Downloaded schematics and Family datasheet for PSoC 4200
    • All Manual and Appnotes downloaded - Getting sleep reading them though
  • Development Suit - Partially complete but the rest would be helpful for the community
    • Installed PSoC Creator 3
    • Need to check for Keil and gnu arm embedded GCC compilation
  • Pioneer Kit Shipment - Delayed
    • Shipment confirmed from Element 14 side and got tracking number
    • Looks like it would be received after Deepawali holidays
  • Ordering Coupons - Need to be completed as quickly as possible
    • Received order coupons worth INR 30,000/- = Great, Thanks to Element 14 and sponsors
    • Need to carefully order the parts as the coupon is for one time use only
    • Due to issues with selecting the GSM modem , sent mail to Victor to clarify. More details on this later in this post = Need Community support


Issue 1:

Here is the details on the Issue that I am facing in selecting the GSM modem:

I plan to use a GSM modem in the DAS project to send and received the SMS messages, in order to control the system as well as alert the user.

Now we know that while using the GSM modem the biggest concern is regarding the power surges that generally occur while the GSM unit connects or talks to the nearby towers.

If the input power supply is not sufficient enough then there might be issues of frequent disconnections and possible loss of messages.

In order to avoid this issue I find that if the board is supplied from a Lithium Ion cell. It would be much better.

However I am unable to select between the two Cypress Pioneer kit compatible GSM Combinations:

Now each has its own merits and flaws. I wish to take the Community's opinion on this subject.



I have decided to go for a Lithium Ion battery based system and hence chosen a charger for the same using MICROCHIP - MCP73871EV - MCP73871, BATT CHARGER, EVAL BOARD MICROCHIP - MCP73871EV - MCP73871, BATT CHARGER, EVAL BOARD

Since, I already have a 2000mAh battery it would be best to use a dedicated USB charger system with the MCP73871 to run the Cypress Pioneer Board.


Feel free to comment , suggest and support DAS.


Happy Deepawali to every one !

And Happy Halloween ...

>>Update Week 2