Progress in general is that people start experimenting with their PSOC4 kit. Projects start to take shape, in that mostly everyone starts getting their hardware together to start building!


I've seen some really nice posts exploring features of the PSOC4, and honorable mentions go out to COMPACT for the nice videos and bose for posting a lot of source code.

Also, the first posts have arrived that people realize that their first plans may have been to ambitious. Maybe they are, but I encourage you all to see what IS possible with this hardware!


WhoWhatPosts This weekKeywords, Summary
Alex BehnazSleep sensorAnalog integration, low power
Abhijit BoseDAS Project; Digital Security Application, Smart Home Security

PSoC4 Smarter Life Challenge - DAS Project : Update Week2


LOTS of DEMO CODE!! Thanks!

Monte ChanSmart Christmas Lights

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 005

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 006

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 007

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 008

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 009

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 010

LED lighting, exploring feautures of PSOC kit

Monte showed the following feautures: programming, servo control, interrupts, current output, SPI adressing

Wojchech GelmudaSmight - Smart home lighting


Connectivity, lighting, LED
Javier HernandezCar security / car tracking, cloud service

SmarterLife Challenge - geocar update

Sensors, web connectivity

Javier showed a good demo of how to get bluetooth going using the USART

Cosmin IorgaBrainwave based controllerBrainwaves based appliance controller - Update 2

Analog, user interface, exploration

Installation, general getting around with tooling

Anthony KahlSmart Bicycle Light

Smarter Life Challenge: Smart Bicycle Light (update #2)

User experience, simplicity of use

This week Anthony looked at which components to use in his bike light (LED, battery, charging)

Linas KarpaviciusSmart Reflow Oven

Control algorithm, PWM for SMPS

Jianyi LiuSteadyClip, Camera Gimbal

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal - Part 02: Part Selection

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal – Part 03: System Overview

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal – Part 04: Logistics and Roadblocks

IMU, motor and motion control

Jianyi showed us his motors, and told about the general setup / measurement he's going to make. Next, he showed us the detailed block diagram.

Jim LynchSmart faucet / Smart lightingSmarterLife Challenge - JLynch Projects, cont.Good discussion about capsense!
Mala MitraOven control based on analog PIDPost 3: Smarter Life Challenge: Oven Control with PSOC 4General thoughts on the development
Peter ShabinoPlant monitor (water, light)

Sample prep

Analog sensing, plant water control

Peter will be using 555 timers to generate a PWM signal showing water level for each plant. The PSOC will monitor all 555's

Paul SisnerosSmart Coffee Maker


Automation, process control
Mani ThundiyilIntelligent and autonomous wheelchairAbout my PSOC4 Project

Automation, remote control, motor control

Mani showed the block diagram of his automated wheelchair

Yuri ThkhonovSmart Diagnosic System

PSoC 4 Tricopter (Smarter Life Challenge ) part #2

PSoC 4 Tricopter (Smarter Life Challenge) part #3

Control, diagnostics.

This week Yuri started ordering all parts, he'll be using the Arduino Esplora to control his PSOC based tricopter. In his last post we're shown some nice pictures of his test setup, and PSOC code!

Steve TurnerUnCoStat, Smart Thermostat

UnCoStat #2 Making A Portable Prototype Development Box

User interface, connectivity,

temperature control

Steve made a nice project box for his proto-kit



Good luck everyone! You've got 67 days left until the end of the challenge: 17th of January