I'm really liking the PSoC creator software. I often find that when I program a micro controller I have to re-import the same features repeatedly. It's nice that the component catalog gives you standard features that you can reuse. Of course on other platforms I can paste in my code from my personal library and adjust it, but it's a lot faster and cleaner having a PWM block or a UART block that I can just drop in. Also, it really streamlines a project having the schematic and code in one project, and configurable pins are also a nice feature to have.


I figured one of the first things I'll need is a way to debug what the development board is doing. So before I get into integrating wirelss, rotary encoders or capacitive sensors I ran through a tutorial on USB-UART

PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#04 - USB-UART Utility

The only hiccup I hit was that my project created without device.h, and I had to add it in to get this code to compile.


Project Direction

I’m considering what I really want this system to do. The original plan was to make an automated coffee maker so that I can have fresh coffee ready in the morning when I get up. Now that I’ve learned more about the PSoC 4, I’m realizing that it can do more than just run a process; it can constantly regulate a process. So I’m thinking that in addition to running my coffee maker, I would like to regulate other things which usually have to be controlled manually, such as my humidifier and heater.

Many people will quickly point out; you can buy a system that will regulate your heat and humidity. I know people point this out because I work with engineers and when I told them about it they immediately mocked the idea. But a hacker/maker doesn’t only make things that never existed; they also make their own customized and improved versions. There may be a system out there that does all the things I’m thinking of, closing vents in unused areas or to even out heat, monitoring energy usage, notifying me to refill the humidifier etcetera, but it’s probably expensive and wouldn’t work exactly how I want, and it probably doesn’t grind and brew my coffee every morning. I know it probably sounds like my project is creeping, but I’m keeping it modular. So I will add one part at a time and make it a complete system at each step. Right now I’m just investigating what is feasible, trying out sensors and other components.