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This update is a bit late, but due to a "locked knee" (can't fully stretch my leg anymore) I had some other concerns to deal with!


Update on the complete challenge

Here are some posts to get you started if you jumped into this challenge, and didn't get the full context:

Smarter Life Challenge Competitors (thanks joeman!)

Review of first design week!

Overview - week 2 of PSOC Design Challenge


A word about deadlines

This is a challenge; probably the greatest challenge will be to get your projects finished in time! The community of element14 will also choose a winner, by public voting. That voting opens at December 16th, so it would be nice to have a nice post about your project by that time, just to get a good total view of what you've done. The voting, and the challenge, remains open until the 17th of January.


"My view"

Unfortunately I didn't have time to compete in this challenge. When reading through the blog posts, a few things come to my mind:

  • People generally really like the PSOC Creator! Apart from some installation issues, everyone is happy and I've heard no mumbling about 'resource hog' or nasty bugs. In fact this surprises me a bit, because I see a lot of bulky programs appearing that obfuscate and overcomplicate the design ( Code Composer Studio, Altera & Xilinx tooling). With the PSOC you do get a lot of freedom in the hardware / software design, but apparently the tooling is working pleasantly.
  • I'm amazed at the possibilities of the PSOC you are showing. I'm getting more and more ideas what I could do with this hardware, and I'll sure do that in future when I've got more time.
  • Good to see that so many contributors are still active!


This week in blog posts


WhoWhatPosts This weekKeywords, Summary
Alex BehnazSleep sensorThings are heating up (my project involves a temperature sensor - forgive the terrible pun)This will be a LOW power project, Alex is trying out the components!
Abhijit BoseDAS Project; Digital Security Application, Smart Home Security



Nothing this week

Monte ChanSmart Christmas Lights

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 011

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 012

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 013

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 014

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 015

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 016

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 017

LED lighting, exploring feautures of PSOC kit

Monte showed the following feautures: SPI Flash, Keypad, LOTS of Timers, Capture,

Wojchech Gelmuda*Smight - Smart home lighting

Smight - 12V LED CapSense dimmer

Connectivity, lighting, LED

Checking out the PSOC Creator!

Javier HernandezCar security / car tracking, cloud service


Sensors, web connectivity

Nothing this week

Cosmin IorgaBrainwave based controller

Smarter Life Challenge - Brainwaves based appliance controller - Update 3

Smarter Life Challenge - Brainwaves based appliance controller - Update 4

Detailed EMG measurements, and some ideas on HOW to control appliances 'using your head'

Anthony KahlSmart Bicycle Light

Smarter Life Challenge: Smart Bicycle Light (update #3)

User experience, simplicity of use

Explanation and demo of Photodiode current measurement!

Linas KarpaviciusSmart Reflow OvenThe specified item was not found.

Control algorithm, PWM for SMPS

This week:some example code in PSOC Creator, and general thoughts on PSOC

Jianyi LiuSteadyClip, Camera Gimbal

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal – Part 05: The Minimalist Lab

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal – Part 06: RTOS and SysTick

IMU, motor and motion control

This week: building his own home lab to get ready for the REAL hardware: PSOC! Furthermore a very to-the-point basic description of RTOS's

Jim LynchSmart faucet / Smart lightingSmarterLife Challenge - A Smarter WayThis week: the perils of buying stuff in real shops instead of online!
Mala MitraOven control based on analog PIDPost 4: Smarter Life Challenge: Oven Control with PSOC 4

General thoughts on the development

This week: Problems installing!

Peter ShabinoPlant monitor (water, light)

Moisture sensor testing

Analog sensing, plant water control

Consistent readings for moist level!

Paul SisnerosSmart Coffee Maker

Smarter Life Challenge - USB-UART and other features

Smarter Life Challenge - Reading an Encoder

Automation, process control

This week: some thoughts about designing, and another happy Creator user! Second post is about implementing a decoder for incremental position encoders

Mani ThundiyilIntelligent and autonomous wheelchair

Automation, remote control, motor control

Nothing this week

Yuri ThkhonovSmart Diagnosic System

PSoC 4 Tricopter (Smarter Life Challenge) part #4

Control, diagnostics.

Serial transmission explained

Steve TurnerUnCoStat, Smart Thermostat


User interface, connectivity,

Nothing this week



Good luck everyone! You've got 59 days left until the end of the challenge: 17th of January