A Possible Bug In Component Detected!


Why this boring photo? Well read on!

web jammed Char LCD.jpg

This was created using schematic

web PSoC 4 potential LCD Char bug.bmp

and code.

web PSoC 4 potential LCD Char bug code.bmp


All very simple but something has gone wrong!

Can you spot what's wrong before reading on?


Whilst working on a new test project I noticed misbehaviour that puzzled me.

For some reason whilst attempting to display a caption on the Char LCD it only got partially completed and stuck.

My previous projects I had no such issue with the Char LCD component so I created a Unit test to isolate the problem.

Pictured above is the Schematic and code to replicate the problem. The pins are configured to connect to P2[6:0] like the other projects.

I ran some tests with different captions all worked except captions with an 'o' character is placed at column 10.


This is only a potential bug because I've only tried it on my 16x4 line Char LCD.

To confirm that this is a real bug it will need to be tested on a 16x2 line Char LCD.

It could just be me making an error.